Use these code snippets to solve everyday problems

Python has seen enormous growth in its user base over recent years. Beginner programmers are opting for Python as their first language seeing its simple syntax and its applications.

In this article, I’ll share some python code snippets that can be used to solve Python’s day-to-day problems. Let’s get started!

1. Merge two dictionaries

Python functions that are amazing and useful

Python built-in functions are very handy and easy-to-use. They make python scripting faster and help to optimize the code. Built-in functions not only save our time but also help us avoid unnecessary lines of code.

Python has got many built-in functions that we can use to improve the clarity of…

Terminal commands for every developer

Terminal commands are very useful when working with a command-line interface. It gives you more control device running text commands when working with CLI.

In this article, I’ve come up with some useful terminal commands that every developer should know. Let’s get started!

0. pwd

pwd stands for Print Working Directory. This…

Programming jokes that you can relate to daily life

Everybody likes jokes and enjoys them, especially when the jokes are related to your daily life.

I have come up with some hilarious programming jokes that you can relate to your work. Let’s get started and enjoy the jokes 😀

0. Difference between a while and a do...while loop

The Hand Gesture effect allows you to recognize user hand gestures such as the victory sign, thumbs up, open hand, index finger, closed hand, and many more. …

Python tips to code like a pro programmer

Python is a versatile and beginner-friendly programming language used in different fields from Machine Learning to Web development. It is famous among developers due to its easy syntax.

In this article, I’ll share and discuss some python tips and code snippets that can be used to solve day-to-day programming problems…

The date countdown effect allows you to create a Lens that displays a countdown toward a specific date. That date can be your birthday, the new year, or anything. …

Daily life jokes that will make you LOL

In our everyday life as a programmer, we go through a lot of situations. We face a lot of things and enjoy a lot of things.

Programming is not the only thing that programmers are good at, they also have a great sense of humour.

We all like jokes, especially…

Regex functions that you should know

Regular Expressions(regex) are very useful in extracting patterns and information from a given piece of text. Regex is used for pattern matching in the text, but on the other hand, it is ignored by most programmers as they find it challenging to learn and understand.

Regular expressions can be used…

Python one-liners to code like a pro programmer

Python is one of the most popular programming languages among developers. The reason behind it is its easy syntax.

Python never fails to surprise us by solving complex problems in a single line of code. …

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