Some lesser-known but useful python features

Python is one of the most popular languages among developers. It is known for its easy syntax and its use in various areas, especially in data science. It also has one of the most active open-source developer community that continuously keeps adding new features in Python.

Python is equipped with…

Use these code snippets to solve everyday problems

Python has seen enormous growth in its user base over recent years. Beginner programmers are opting for Python as their first language seeing its simple syntax and its applications.

In this article, I’ll share some python code snippets that can be used to solve Python’s day-to-day problems. Let’s get started!

1. Merge two dictionaries

Python shorthand techniques that every developer should know

In this article, I’ll share some python shorthand methods and techniques that can be used to solve day-to-day problems in Python. Let’s get started!

1. Swapping Two Values

Python provides an easy and intuitive way to swap two variables in one line without using an extra variable.

a, b = 10, 5

2. Reversing a String

A guide to evaluation metrics for classification models in machine learning

Suppose you are working on a machine learning classification problem in which you have to predict whether a person is Covid positive or negative. You have a good dataset and you have applied classification algorithms and successfully built your classification model.

Now what should you do? How do you evaluate…

Daily life programming jokes that you can relate with

The daily life of a programmer is full of excitement. We code all day, debug all night, and work on thousands of lines of code.

Programming is not the only thing programmers are good at, they also have a good sense of humor.

I have compiled some hilarious programming jokes…

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